The end of the beginning

I have officially reached the end of the beginning

By the ‘end of the begining’,  I am referring to the early stages of starting a business. I have completed the ‘planning’ and ‘research’ , I’ve settled on a design for the site, and now I am preparing myself mentally for the hard slog that is, running a business. The blinkers are on. I’ve completed all the nitty-gritty things which need to be done before you can label your thoughts an idea, or even begin thinking you have the makings of a business. A majority of these things have little bearing on whether or not the idea will be successful, however on looking back they have taken a disproportionate amount of time, so I am glad they’re out of the way. For example, due to the incompetence of a high street bank which shall remain nameless, it took three weeks, four meetings, two replacement cheque books and an unhealthy amount of time on hold, before I finally managed to open a business account. These things always seem to take up the most time and energy, and when you are trying to startup, time and energy are in short supply.

I am unaware of a checklist, or specific set of requirements, which need to be completed before one can safely say they have reached this point, I am assuming every situation is different, and each individuals circumstances unique. However I know that I have reached this stage, as my candle now only burns from one end.

In a previous post I wrote about the difficulties of working a day job and trying to build a website. It was more a complaint than an observation, and I likened it to burning a candle at both ends. From today onwards, or to be precise from yesterday, I can no longer make that complaint as I am officially unemployed. I always knew that I was going to leave my job, that was a certainty, the only thing I was unsure of was when. I was eager to seek advice on the topic of quitting your job, I even planned to write a post on it, however It seems the gods have no time for indecision because I was pushed before I could jump. I always assumed I would leave on my terms, or at least try and  elongate my stay if I felt I was being forced out, but during the meeting I didn’t put up a fight. Deep down I knew that the time had come,  and ‘reflecting’ on it, I am glad its over and done with. I don’t have any regrets about working, nor do I harbour any animosity towards the CEO, in fact I think I respect him even more for getting the deed done. While working there, I learnt a considerable amount about business and more importantly myself, and at times, I actually enjoyed going into work. One of the unofficial strap lines of the company was Work hard, Play hard, and I hope it’s something I’ll be able to replicate in my company when I get the chance to.

Now that I am no longer working my only focus from this point forward is the website, I no longer have any of the safety nets I have grown so dependent on over the last few years. I’ve graduated from University, I no longer have a 9 to 5, and I am too old to play professional football. As a result this has to be a success, I literally don’t have a choice. In the early 1500’s an explorer from Cuba, called Hernan Cortez, set sail for Mexico with 600 men. On their arrival he ordered them to burn their boats. His reasoning was that with no means of going back, they were forced to go forward.

I think I just burnt my boat.



5 Responses to “The end of the beginning”

  1. Christina Golden Says:

    Great blog post!

    Very inspiring! Sometimes our vision is so big everything needs to come down, even the stability of a 9 to 5 as it pushes you to put your all into your dreams and make them reality, knowing you have no crutch if you do. It’s an interesting place to be in because this could be the beginning of a great thing or it could be a harsh lesson before setting up your business.

    Try reading autobiographies of people like Alan Sugar and Richard Branston for motivation but honestly its going to rely on your own will power and the support of real and loved ones!

    Giving up everything for your dream is scary and there will be weak moments but NEVER give up. Keep pushing, keep trying. You can do this, put your all in this now, no slacking!

    All the best, the only way is up!!

    Christina 🙂

    • Amara Says:

      Thanks Christina

      Your right, it comes down to hard work, effort and sheer will power.

      Even though giving up everything for your goal is daunting, nothing will get achieved If you’re not completely focused on the project, so it’s something that has to be done.

      Thanks again for the kind words.


  2. Jide Ariyo Says:

    Great Blog

    I completely hear you on that. Keep it going. I was reffered to your blog by Sandra and i am glad you are doing this because i have always wanted to videoblog my thoughts but haven’t got round to yet. Here is a little youtube clip that keeps me going. Hope it helps.

    Keep it going…you are not alone

    • Amara Says:

      Thanks Jide.

      Working hard and perseverance is the key.

      Recording your thoughts as a blog may not work for everyone but I find it very helpful and if you’ve thought about it, then do it.

      Cool video by the way, it has been bookmarked!
      Thanks again.

  3. Andrew Rogerson Says:

    Congratulations on your first step to success – being honest with yourself and dealing with reality.
    If you like the approach taken by Hernan Cortez and now find youself following in his footsteps, I would encourage you to do what he may not have done – and that is to create a business plan. In your blog you mention your frustrations with a high street bank (that seems to be a global problem) but its also your reality. You were forced to get your cheque account in order and there are many things you must do to become a successful entrepreneur but they must be done in the right order or you will waste more time. A business plan will force you to create that list you need and will allow you to put them in the right order. No point wasting time on item 6 on your list if item 6 can’t be done until item 5 is done. Most entrepreneurs do not take the time to do a business plan as they think its a waste of time. However, the reverse is true. There are two types of business plan – one for an existing business and one for a start up. If you would like a free sample of each document go to my website and download it – And remember me when you are successful. Good luck.

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