The art of decision making

‘Absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder’

I didn’t want to start this entry with a cliché, however, it’s the best way to describe how I felt during my brief hiatus from blogging. It has only been five days since my last post but for some reason it seems much longer. They say when your blog is young you should try and post a new entry every other day, I think that’s the level of output I will try and aspire to from now on.

During this period I discovered something new about myself, I realised that I’m suffering from an acute case of Foot in Mouth disease. I’m not referring to the strain which resulted in the slaughter of over 200,000 animals in 2007, but the variation of the disease which causes humans to say stupid things at inappropriate times. During a staff meeting on Friday I made a gaffe of epic proportions, I said something so stupid George Bush would have been jealous, needless to say it wasn’t my finest hour. I won’t go on to repeat it as I’m sure some of my colleagues read this blog, and the less said about it the better. On my way home that evening I then confirmed this diagnosis. I made the classic error of offering my seat on the tube to a lady I presumed to be pregnant, I then proceeded to make it worse by making a  ‘joke’ about how she needed the seat more than I did, as it looked like she was about to give birth on the northern line. They say timing is everything in comedy, and now I understand why. I made the comment when we were halfway between stops, so I had to endure about a minute of the most awkward silence ever, as soon as the doors opened I got off, I didn’t care about the fact that it wasn’t my stop. Great start to my weekend.

Apart from confirming what I already knew about my ability to do stand up, I also realised something else during this short break. I’ve realised that starting and running a business, will require me to make complex decisions very quickly. The previous topic I wrote about (design versus functionality) galvanised me to change the entire layout of the site, and literally 48 hours later, I had to make a decision about a developer who offered to come on board in exchange for some equity in the company. Ideally I would have liked to have to spent at least three or four days deliberating over each situation, however I am slowly realising that time is a luxury when you’re starting up. As I write, I am mentally conditioning myself to make these hard decisions very quickly, relying on logic and not emotion and I am taking solace in the fact that everything gets easier with practice.

Hopefully I should add a couple of posts by the end of week, and lets hope the first week in March doesn’t end the same way as the last week in February.



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