The journey begins

If you’ve stumbled across this blog, welcome, if you’ve been forced to read it, don’t worry it will all make sense. My name is Amara and I think I am going through a quarter life crisis.

The Who. I’m 24, I live in London, I graduated from Kingston University, I ran a business for 9 months (which failed) and now I am working in sales. The Why. I’ve got the sudden urge to talk to anyone who will listen, that is it. Besides my family and close friends the only other things I deeply care about are running businesses, tech and Arsenal.

I co-founded the first business with my brother and cousin, and we had the idea that we would record the entire process. We planned to record all the meetings, conferences and events we attended in the lead up to launching the website. Once we had all the footage we planned to create a short documentary about it and use it as PR for the site. Good idea but it was flawed as we couldn’t afford a camera crew to follow us around. I still think the principle behind the idea is a good one and I hope to try it again but this time with a twist.

I am starting another startup soon, but on this occasion I have no business partners, mentors or associates, I am literally going it alone. This is the real reason behind the blog. I hope to use this blog to document the entire process, but this time it wont be used for PR. On this occasion I hope to use the wisdom of the crowd, to steer me in the right direction during the perpetual turbulence that is starting a business. I wont post all the tiny decisions and situations that I encounter like what font should I write all company letters in, or what title I should put on my business card etc Instead I will reserve my posts for the significant decisions I have to make, and the situations I truly find difficult. Truth be told, apart from nine months of blood, sweat and tears, I don’t have much experience of running a business so I am going to need a lot of help.

It’s late, I’ve got work in the morning, but hopefully this will be fun.



7 Responses to “The journey begins”

  1. Chidozie Ukaigwe Says:

    Its a good post to start things off when trying to set up a business.

    It is like a diary of sorts but a public diary

    I like the idea of that

    Entrepreneurs should start to do this,

    others could learn alot from information given

    • amaraspeaks Says:

      Thank you Chidozie, I think it helps to talk about things you find difficult or need help with. For many young entrepreneurs who dont have mentors or business partners starting a business is a very difficult and stressful time, hopefully this blog will bring some welcome relief.

      Be sure to follow me on twitter for more updates @Amaraukaigwe


  2. Eur.O Says:

    This is really inspiring.

    Many aspiring entrepreneurs would learn from this. They say peer-to-peer learning is the best form of learning and you, as an entrepreneur, can’t go wrong by feeding of the advice you will receive.

    Keep it coming.

  3. Mr Warmann Says:

    Good luck in your journey Amara. One thing I disagree with though in your approach of ”going it alone” – Find a mentor. I had a mentor when building my online business (Plug: !!) .. and he told me this – ”never go to bed the same person you were when you woke up” .. i.e. make sure you’re on it EVERY DAY! Good Luck. Okiem

  4. Sandra Says:

    It’s all well and good to attend conference after conference and meeting after meeting, but all some people need for inspiration is the comfort of shared experience. I think this blog is a brilliant platform for professionals and amateurs alike. The young can learn and the wise can teach. Kudos!

    Good luck in your endeavours!

    “The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect.”

  5. Abdi Mohammed Says:

    This is great news Amara! You are making a positive step and rest assured, the longer you continue with your projects the higher the chance of success.

    Let me know if you have any questions, as I too have run my own business.

  6. Lola Re Says:

    Interesting! I’m wishing you well and I’ll be checking back to see how things go!!

    Lola Re

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